Nerdy Mike's Computer Shop

Nerdy Mike’s has A+, Microsoft, and veterans on site.

At Nerdy Mike’s Computer Shop, we can repair your computer, upgrade your computer, or provide you with a new, custom computer.  We only use quality parts and take the time necessary to ensure our work is as permanent and timeless as it can be.  Our customers will tell you, our work lasts!

From cleaning the bloat from a new PC you bought from another store, to repairing problems that crop up with malware, or even damage from lightning, bring it to us to bring it back to it’s factory condition!

Nerdy Mike's Computer Repair

Unlike any other computer repair shop out there!


We’ll find the real source of your problem, fix it, and take preventative measures to prevent it from happening again.


Our repairs are fast. For most software repairs, you can drop off your PC and pick it up within a business day.

Local Business

We are a local business in Princeton, North Carolina. We buy locally when possible.

No Data Loss

Unless you have suffered catastrophic hard drive failures, you should never experience any data loss with us. Keep your family photos!

Eco Friendly

We recycle and properly dispose of unused and unwanted computers and computer parts. We are the only shop in the area that does!

All PC Repairs

We repair and upgrade laptops, desktops, and even some Mac’s. We can also repair some game consoles as well depending upon the problem.


During COVID-19, we keep our employees safe by keeping them at home if at all possible. Please book an appointment and we'll have someone meet you at our office in Princeton, NC.

Rates start at $60 for initial diagnostics for repairs and upgrades.   After, we bill based on the job we do.  For instance, Motherboard replacement costs more than hard-drive replacements, however a hard drive being replaced that requires us to install an operating system or restore files from the old hard drive will quickly outpace a motherboard installation on cost.  Most repairs where there is a single hardware failure, generally costs less than $250 for diagnostic, parts, and labor except for hard drives where you do not have a license key for Windows.  Windows licensing generally starts at $150 which greatly increases our cost and prices.

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New Custom Computers,
That stay new longer!

Our custom-built PCs use cutting-edge technology.

Intel® Core®

AMD® Rizen®

nVidia® Graphics

Windows® 10




Republic of Gamers

Why Nerdy Mike's Computers?

Why should you buy from Nerdy Mike’s Computer Shop and not some big box store selling computers for hundreds cheaper?


Big box stores buy in bulk and store that bulk in warehouses, sometimes for years. Odds are, the computer you buy is already out of date. We custom order each computer part as you order. The specifications you see on our website are MINIMUM specifications.

Local Business

We’re a local business. Every cent we earn goes right back to our local economy to employees who are also local. We also source our products from the United States when possible and if possible. All of our computers are built by persons local to Princeton, North Carolina.

Personal Customer Service

When you have an issue, you’re not talking to someone on the other side of the world – you’re talking to local individuals with the same accent and dialect you have who are easy to understand and you can even meet in person.